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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


about a blogger who doesn't blog for.....six months?

Many things, but keep them to yourselves.

I was debating between writing about silly/funny things and serious/political things, and then I watched the news tonight.

Hillary Clinton MADE A MISTAKE in a debate last night.

And, apparently, that fact alone, PROBABLY DOOMS HER CAMPAIGN FROM NOW ON.


what you need to know is that I have gone from being a Mark Warner for President person to a Draft Al Gore person to a Barack Obama person to a Hillary person. SO it's not like I had a knee jerk opinion.

Many things brought me to supporting Clinton and I won't go into all of them now -- I'm too tired -- but a small part of it was how much the Republicans demonized her and how people would say "I'd support Hillary, one else will...." or words to that effect. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

The media look at one stumble and it's a FREE FOR ALL! Why do we put up with this stuff?

It's Halloween....maybe the entire political process is just plain frightening.

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