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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Ok, here is what I think.

First of all, am I thrilled by Hillary's win in NH. Short answer -- YES!

But it's more complicated than that.

I previously discussed the "oh she made a mistake in a debate and now she's toast" phenomenon.

Well, this a.m. I finally got to see the "tears" video. I hadn't wanted to watch it because I was upset about Iowa and didn't need any more bad news.


And if there had been, so what?

What there was was an authentic person asking an authentic question in only (ok start to take your shots) A WAY THAT ONE WOMAN WOULD ASK ANOTHER WOMAN. The question was "How are YOU doing?" Not the campaign not the nation but you as a person. How is this affecting you?

And after steeling yourself for all the "when did you stop beating your dog Buddy" questions, you're taken aback that someone just cares about you as a person. Not a candidate. Just you.

It struck a chord and she got choked up. Good for her. And then she talked about why this election was so important to her as a CITIZEN.

Having said all that, I am now going to say that I think it's GREAT that both Obama and Clinton have had experiences in this process which took them down a couple of pegs. To be a good president, you need humility. They both have had to look in the mirror and say OK, so I'm human.

And this turn of events also means that the February primaries will mean something and engage people. All to the good. We get a great candidate out of it for the Democrats no matter what.

And that's the truth.

Monday, January 07, 2008


One of my friends (the only person still reading this blog) said "Congratulations! You predicted HRC's demise."

Well, I was being ironic when I "predicted" it, especially because I am a Clinton supporter. But there was some prescience there.

I like Barack Obama and will support him strongly if he is the nominee.

And I can't say that I like the way HRC is handling her Iowa setback. And yes, part of it is the process.

But I still think she'd make the best President. Hopefully whoever gets the nomination will have the support of the ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND INDEPENDENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY to make it a successful Presidency. Lord knows we need it.