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Saturday, March 31, 2007


Frankly, I can't believe that one of the "real" pundits out there didn't use this as a headline. Because doesn't that say it ALL?

I am one of those people old enough to remember when you were brought up to respect your country and even believe that George Washington threw a dollar across the Potomac. The cherry tree we were a little sketchy about but we got the point.

So if there's SOMETHING that defines the "American Way" it's JUSTICE. Rule of law. All those things that make us go teary when we see the Stars and Stripes. And the role of the Justice Department and the Attorney General is to help us get to the TRUTH on a national level. S/He is the lawyer for the country. When you hire an attorney, you expect to be told the truth. That's what you're paying them for.

So now we have this bozo who either is totally disconnected from what's going on (I don't think so...they guy has a degree from Harvard. He didn't just fall off the turnip truck) or is trying to make us all believe that the business of choosing US Attorneys is totally outside his purview. GIVE ME A BREAK.

During Watergate, one of the things we learned was that a working, functional Justice Department is one of the last bulwarks of liberty. Remember the Saturday Night Massacre? They eventually knocked off the good guys, but not before the good guys made sure that everyone knew what was going on. And Judge Sirica and the grand jury that named RMN an "unindicted coconspirator" was the beginning of the end.

So where will we get a Judge Sirica this time? How long will we have to let this travesty play out in the courts before someone admits that the emperor is buck naked?
Where is Martha Mitchell when you need her?

Saturday, March 17, 2007


have I been? This blog only has about three readers, five on a good day, but 2/3 of the regulars have pointed out to me that it's been almost a month since I posted. Excuses, excuses, but here are some....

a. I was away two weekends. Once in CA to celebrate Betsy's birthday (oh yeah, I already told you about that....) and then to Madeira Beach to spend time with the Abuisis and the Bakers. Missed one storm while we were in FL so that was good and also had a roaring good time, but...

b. that is all of the good news.

c. One of my best friends, Marge McPherson, died suddenly at the end of February. She was only 60 and we are all shocked. What do you say about a 25 year friendship that managed to survive across a 1500 mile divide for almost half the time? Our kids were the exact same age, and we spent literally thousands of hours together as families, as moms with kids, as friends. She was the shoulder I would cry on. I can't imagine a world without her. I am so glad that she and Mike were at David and Jenny's wedding, because even though I had very little time with any individual person, lots of my friends met her and spent time with her that weekend and so it helps them understand how wonderful she was. My sister in law Hilary remembered that she had been at Betsy's graduation from Wesleyan.....

d. The state of politics in the State has made me so sad that I just want to crawl into a hole. I know the vernal equinox period is bad for the "blues" but the press treatment of our wonderful governor has been the most atrocious thing I have ever seen. And, having caused great harm, not only is no one sorry, but they ask the most UNBELIEVABLE questions about sensitive personal information. Yes, he's the governor, but every family deserves a "zone of privacy" I think we all decided to call it? The Boston Globe and their brothers and sisters have no respect for that zone and it makes me ill. Congratulations to Liz Morningstar who I think is just one of the best things going in MA politics. When God closes a window, She opens a door. So I am glad that I got to meet Liz last week at the Kitchen Cabinet meeting and hope that I will be able to work with her in the coming months.

And there's a foot of snow outside. And it's March. Now is everyone happy?

e. Supposedly 70% of the registered voters in this country are paying some attention to the race already. I see this as a sign that everyone wishes we had a parliamentary form of government and could call for new elections. I suppose another part is that this race has more "star power" in it than traditional races. Even though I am a Barack person, many of us secretly hope for a "GOBAMA" ticket...Al and Barack. Twenty months is a lifetime in politics. who knows?

f. The Worcester Telegram didn't endorse my candidate in the State Rep. race. They do say that the person they endorsed will be independent of the "usual suspects" however. We'll see.

g. I am also thinking of my new friend Mary Pat Akers. She is an incredible human being. Talk about profiles in courage.

h. Russ Carpenter turned 75 last week! Unbelievable. We had a very intimate dinner party for him last night (four of us!) which was great fun and proved that you can whip up a gourmet meal in 90 minutes. OK, so I had to use Duncan Hines cake mix. But the frosting was put on with love.....

i. Take time today to tell someone that's important to you that you think they're special. The opportunities are NOT unlimited.