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Monday, September 25, 2006


You know, when I was in high school, we made fun of Warren G Harding making up the word "normalcy" rather than using "normality." And now you see "normalcy" everywhere. Standards are falling, but we didn't need a grammarian to tell us that, did we?

You know life is weird when cleaning the bathroom gives you a kick! I have literally done no housework for six months (some would say I haven't done any for 35 years....)and the effects are startling. My apologies to anyone who stayed with us during that period.

So Saturday saw me scrubbing the bathroom and having the best ole time. Now, once that was done, I have to admit that my concentration waned and I never did tackle the refrigerator or anything more than 1/2 the kitchen counter and the coffeemaker. But hey, we don't want to make too quick a transition here. I might get the "bends."

The classic question is "How ARE you?" I think people are waiting for PTSS to set in. Well, maybe I'm in denial, but I'm FINE. I did my best. I have to admit that finally looking at the vote totals from all the communities was a little disconcerting. In some cases, I knew I had never gotten traction in a community, for a variety of reasons. But in other cases, I worked my butt off and didn't see the success I expected.

And then there's my hometown. God bless them every one.

And then there is the GREAT CITY OF NORTH ADAMS. Which is really a tribute to the Abuisi family. God love 'em.

So this a.m. I go back to work. Lots of seniors to help and lots of caregivers to nurture. I think I will have enough on my plate for the next few months.

And my book proposal just went off to the agent.....


Ben said...

I call shotgun on one of those quotes on the back of the book jacket.

Margeware said...

Ben -- I will be thrilled and pleased to have your quote on the back of the book. You can also have an autographed copy....mjw