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Saturday, November 05, 2005


Given the state of the world, it's been MUCH more fun to spend time at the Williamstown Film Festival than to worry about Scooter Libby. Actors, writers, producers and directors can transport us to other worlds, albeit many of them sobering, but the material is presented to you in 90 or 100 minutes and you can ponder it and discuss it, and then shelve it until you see it again. Our national disgraces seem not to be that tidy.

So what we have here, it seems to me, is the White House, in the personages of Richard Cheney, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby, being so frightened that the America people MIGHT figure out that they cooked up a pretense for murdering American soldiers and Iraqi civilians, that they started a whispering campaign that included outing a CIA agent.

Knowing that the American people would MUCH rather count the angels dancing on the head of a pin than to stop momentarily polluting the air and consumerizing themselves into oblivion to actually consider the facts and the implications, the three amigos successfully got their puppet re-elected, albeit with some help from the OH Secretary of State (talk about cronyism!) and so now if the truth comes out, who cares? Halliburton has their contracts, Supreme Court justices are being installed and with any luck we can drill some more in Alaska all the while enjoying our tax cuts. From a Republican point of view, IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER!!!!!

So that we shouldn't notice Scooter, Karl, Dick, Harriet, Sammy et al., we have a national crisis on AVIAN FLU!!! (Although I guess we're safe this year, according to Gipper, Jr.)

If this were a movie at the Film Festival, I would be laughing my butt off. As it is, I am in mourning for the concept of a democratic society which has been reduced to wagging the dog. Rest in peace. No one else will.


Lone Ranger said...

Delusions. The prosecutor hasn't accused, much less indicted anyone for outing a CIA agent. The prosecutor didn't find the WMDs, but he's going ahead with the invasion anyway.

Margeware said...

Well, Ranger, you have your world view and I have mine. That is what democracy is all about. I do, however, appreciate you reading my blog! And maybe next year you'll visit the Williamstown Film Festival!

Skeets said...

The Lone Ranger has been spending too much time with Tonto if he really believes the Bush crowd isn't guilty of snake-in the-grass tactics. I'm with you, Margie...maybe this country will eventually come to its senses!


Margeware said...

See this just shows what happens when you let this stuff simmer for a month. What's all this about Bob Woodward and what the hell is going on anyway?

Frankly, and my lawyer spouse would cringe at me saying this, but I don't care who's indicted or not. They should be and they're all shameless, trying to pass as patriots when they're just a bunch of self-serving gossips. SHAME ON THEM!!!

Thanks Skeets for standing up for truth, justice and the American Way.