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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Let us try to identify November 8, 2005 as the day when the planet shifted on its axis and the forces of good started to recover.

The Dover, PA school board threw out the creationists. (We won't talk about Kansas; they're behind the curve.)

And MARGEPAC scored two victories in the Pittsfield City Council race -- Peter Marchetti came in second among eight contenders for four spots as Councilor at Large and Mike Ward defeated an incumbent to join as the Ward Four councilor.

Together with our victory in the Pat Jehlen race in August, it's a hat trick -- three for three.

MargePAC was also thrilled that Mike Bissonnette is the new mayor of Chicopee (when your opponent is arrested a week before the general election, you don't really NEED MargePAC to help you...) and that Sam Yoon became at at-large City Councilor in the City of Boston. We were interested in that race, but didn't really find a personal connection. Since MargePAC at least wants candidates to understand that importance of this group of small donors throwing their collective hats in the ring, we don't do it unless someone appreciates us. That's all we want....not jobs, not favors, just appreciation of the sacrifice that small donors are making.

So raise a glass to all the "good guys" who joined the ranks of elected public officials last night. Here's hoping that the world is a better place come January 1st.


Lynne said...

Conga-rats on your success, Marge!

I need you to come up here and help us figure out how to do what you do. It's never been more apparent that we need it than after yesterday's election...

Phoebe said...

Excellent!! Keep up the good work

Lynne said...

Hey Marge...if things go the way I hope they go here in Lowell, we will need your help in forming a PAC.

We wanna see the same sort of success here that you had there. (See my stirring post - haha - here.)

seeing red in ohio said...

Marge: When you picked that Congressional candidate in Ohio as a Margepac recipient, little did you guess that Mean Jean Schmidt would show her stripes so quickly in Congress. Save up your money because she has to run again, beginning this time next year. To defeat her is our best investment of 2007-08. Am expecting a new blog article on her from your inimitable view.

Michael said...

Margie, good choices, all.

I'm especially pleased at Mike Ward's success. We now have the majority of the Pittsfield City Council committed to working on Deval Patrick's campaign. Cool!

Margeware said...

Sorry I've been so silent guys. Medicare D has done me in!

"Red" -- Thank you for your comments. Technically MargePAC did not support, myself and I did, because MargePAC is a state PAC. But it WAS a good choice, was it not? I have a nose for this stuff. My family in Boston is STILL impressed that I told them about Sam Yoon when no one had ever heard of him.

So we'll take it one step at a time. Don't think I 'll have time to launch a Federal PAC this cycle but maybe in 2007-2008.