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Saturday, March 31, 2007


Frankly, I can't believe that one of the "real" pundits out there didn't use this as a headline. Because doesn't that say it ALL?

I am one of those people old enough to remember when you were brought up to respect your country and even believe that George Washington threw a dollar across the Potomac. The cherry tree we were a little sketchy about but we got the point.

So if there's SOMETHING that defines the "American Way" it's JUSTICE. Rule of law. All those things that make us go teary when we see the Stars and Stripes. And the role of the Justice Department and the Attorney General is to help us get to the TRUTH on a national level. S/He is the lawyer for the country. When you hire an attorney, you expect to be told the truth. That's what you're paying them for.

So now we have this bozo who either is totally disconnected from what's going on (I don't think so...they guy has a degree from Harvard. He didn't just fall off the turnip truck) or is trying to make us all believe that the business of choosing US Attorneys is totally outside his purview. GIVE ME A BREAK.

During Watergate, one of the things we learned was that a working, functional Justice Department is one of the last bulwarks of liberty. Remember the Saturday Night Massacre? They eventually knocked off the good guys, but not before the good guys made sure that everyone knew what was going on. And Judge Sirica and the grand jury that named RMN an "unindicted coconspirator" was the beginning of the end.

So where will we get a Judge Sirica this time? How long will we have to let this travesty play out in the courts before someone admits that the emperor is buck naked?
Where is Martha Mitchell when you need her?


Southview said...

You must be patience, our system grinds along ever so slowly but it does grind along. With each new scandal another part of the system hopefully gets fixed. We have a two party system, the very well to do and the rest of us. We don't have the means to buy into the government and influence change but we do have the power to change it,somewhat. Make your voice heard!

greg said...

A friend in the Minneapolis legal community says that the new "Bushie" US Attorney up there will be toast by summer. Her whole office is considering resigning and no work is actually getting done. The DoJ had to send in a manager from DC last week to try and plug the holes in the dam. My friend says it is too late. The crumbling has begun.

Some big players in the media are finally waking up to the big picture of this scandal and things should get interesting any day now.

Whether or not there will be actual wrongdoing found on the part of the White House, I am not sure, although it certainly looks like it. Regardless the media and the public are ready to hang this scandal around the Bushies like an albatross.

It is hard to stop an avalanche that is only halfway down a mountain.

Ross said...

Speaking of truth, GW threw his dollar across the Rappahannock, not the Potomac. And right now we have as much chance of getting rid of this travesty of an AG (almost as pointless as his predecessor) as we have of getting change for that dollar.

He's a lyin' sack all right, but the way I see it, as far as the American people are concerned, they haven't been wronged too terribly. Yeah, it's fishy, and we caught him lyin' his ass off, but if we're going to bring high-ranking officials down, I'd rather see something a little more substantial as cause.

We go after every politican who stinks in this country and pretty soon nobody's left except the lawyers. And I guarantee you that NOBODY wants that.

Margeware said...

YOU SAYING THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH LAWYERS????!!!!! Sorry -- as the mother and spouse of two leading members of the Bar, I am required to say that.....

I guess I disagree Ross. I think the very act of the AG being the PRESIDENT'S lawyer rather than the people's lawyer is cause enough to hand him his hat.

I hope this doesn't mean we're having our first fight!