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Sunday, February 18, 2007


In four weeks, there's going to be a special election for an open seat in the State House of Representatives.

No, I'm not hallucinating, remembering the good ole days....In fact maybe these ARE the good ole days. But there have been two resignations from the House by people who joined the Patrick Administration and one of those elections will be held March 20th. No Republicans even FILED for the seat (which is a whole other discussion....) so March 20th is the deciding vote.

This district was represented by Jim Leary, who is now chief of staff to Lt. Gov. Tim Murray. It encompasses part of Worcester and West Boylston. Jim O'Day is a DSS Social Worker who has never run for elected office before. But he's being supported by the Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts. He was a delegate for Deval Patrick and Tim Murray at the last convention.

So why is this important?

Because Governor Patrick hasn't been in office more than about six weeks and already the wags are sharpening their knives. "Gotcha Politics" is rearing it's ugly head. I'd like to support someone who is willing to give the Governor's ideas an honest hearing and an intelligent debate. I think Jim O'Day is someone who can do that.

I've offered to make voter ID calls for Jim, and go to Worcester (work schedule permitting) on March 20th. I'm also trying to encourage people out in my neck of the woods to consider sending him a small donation ($25 or whatever people can afford.) I'll be collecting checks for "Committee to Elect Jim O'Day" in a mailbox that's now just called Margie Ware P O Box 976 North Adams MA 01247 and sending them to Jim as soon as possible. With only four weeks to go, resources are important. So I hope you'll join me in supporting someone who has been working in the vineyards of human services for a number of years and now wants to take that perspective to the Great and General Court.

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