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Friday, December 22, 2006


I'm not going to get into the whole PC thing. I celebrate Christmas and some of my friends don't and if I'm looking at you I'll wish you the appropriate thing but on my blog we're an all-inclusive kind of group so Happy December Solstice Celebration of Your Choice and I look forward to hearing what you're thinking in 2007.

There has been an OUTCRY from people all over the country to want to support our latest endeavor, at attempt at representing the citizens of the First Berkshire District. We won't know when the special election is until January, and everyone's chomping at the bit to go out in a blizzard and collect signatures but you'll just have to wait. Eat and drink as much as possible for the next two weeks because life will be VERY busy. Bob and I are perfecting soup recipes so that volunteers will stay warm during winter canvassing parties. Yes, you are allowed to make calls from inside your house. Not to worry.

And for those looking for an address to send their best wishes to, it is:


This was once the P. O. Box of a famous politician so we will see what it's karma holds. Many thanks to the wonderful people at the North Adams P. O. who made opening a P.O. Box such a great experience! I'll never think of the number 616 again without howling with laughter.

The Ware clan is off to Alexandria VA for the holidays. First married Christmas for David and Jenny, and if Jenny's surprise party for her mom is any indication, we will be wined and dined in glorious fashion and a good time will be had by all. We are going "light" on Christmas this year. Some years it's been a joke in the family, but this year we are contributing to CHABHA, appreciating the work Annie has done around the house to make it more liveable and acknowledging that a year in which you run for office is going to be a year when you've already bought yourself all the presents you could use -- things like radio spots and billboards and campaign managers and office space.

It was quite a ride. We're ready to gun the engine again. But starting today at noon, we're taking a deep breath, saying our prayers that we get to and from Virginia safely, and that all our family and friends have a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of real life.


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