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Sunday, November 05, 2006


I mean, when you have people BEGGING you to post on your blog, don't you have to meet the public's expectations?

What prompted me to write is a friend's question this afternoon. "Do you think gas prices are going to rise on Wednesday?" An EXCELLENT QUESTION! Here was my answer -- clever I think, but then I'm my own best audience:

yes, but it will depend on who wins how much they rise.....if the R's win both houses, they jump 20cents...if D's win House they jump 10 cents .... if D's win both houses they only jump a nickel and start giving away silverware and glassware again.

I say this as someone who still has a few pieces of silverware and glassware from the 70's....of course that was before the '74 gas crisis. Even and odd....lines down the block....I feel like the Devil in "Damn Yankees" singing "Those Were the Good Old Days..."

We did a standout for Ben Downing in Williamstown late this morning and got a good reception. The talk of course was about politics and someone said that the only bad thing about the election being over on Tuesday was that the '08 election starts in with a vengeance. Ben said he'd already been invited to a fundraiser for someone running for Boston City Council in '07. It never stops. Usually I like that but right now I guess I'm a bit weary. But here's the question....

Who are "we" supporting for Prexy in '08?

Someone has posited that Webb was only put up against Allen to ruin his WH chances. Well, they did a damn good job because the guy's toast, whether he ekes this out or not. Kerry's toast, whether you like it or not. Warner dropped out. He was my putative favorite. I am not a Hillary supporter for complex reasons. So where does that leave me.

Al Gore or Barack Obama.

Make fun of me. That's the truth.


Dan Bosley said...

Margie, Mark me down as wanting Al Gore to jump in. I feel he would win again and he is someone we can get behind, although listening to Bill Clinton talk to the Ford rally in Tennessee has made me want to change the Constitution. His line of, "We aren't for cut and run, but stop and think" is brilliant and right on point. He is still the best communicator we have.

DWPittelli said...


The Dems certainly have a strong interest in winning the Senate, or narrowing the Reps' lead, so I don't know how you could think that about Webb. And if the Dems were so prescient about Allen's implosion, wouldn't they rather let Allen coast to a win of the Rep nomination in 2008, and only then give the untested Senator a hard campaign? (Sort of like a Rep John Kerry.)