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Monday, August 28, 2006


I think that I might have set a new record for mileage this weekend. The itinerary included Cummington multiple times, Gill (WHERE you say? It's not even in "the district!), Pittsfield, Ashfield. Sunday was unfortunately a WASHOUT....the people who ran the Ethnic Fair in Pittsfield really did a good job of keeping people's spirits up and ignoring the water dripping down!

But the real find of the weekend, besides the fact that there were so many WONDERFUL people at the Cummington Fair, was the OLD CREAMERY GROCERY in Cummington. You have NOT LIVED until you have eaten there! Wild rice salad to die for. Terrific gazpacho. Thai peanut chili (which I believe was vegetarian....) AWESOME! Nice people. Great atmosphere. A MUST STOP!

And then there's Elmer's. What is NOT to like about Elmer's. Got to go back Sunday a.m. and have a quick cup of coffee before church. "How's the campaign going?" the owner asked. IS THAT WONDERFUL? Even on a rainy morning, Elmer's was warm and cozy.

Customer Service. One key to a Western MA economy we can all be proud of.

Off to try on my Mother of the Groom dress. Yes, I do have to marry my firstborn off this weekend. Talk about living parallel lives.


cjtrem said...

would you please go to're boring are you going to retainn jobs in massachussetts? will you help alternative energy projects like hoosac wind and the brodie project?....or will you work to reject those projects...who cares how warm and fuzzy elmer made you warm and fuzzy are you going to make the people of our district who are struggling to stay in the area feel?

sandstorm said...

I would agree with cjtrem - how are you going to help Western Mass? How do you know what it feels like to worry about where your next paycheck is coming from? Which bills do I pay this week? How do I feed and clothe my family - let alone worry about health insurance and the rising costs?
How can you relate to the every day working stiff? Plus I still think that your literature was misleading and deceptive.

Timothy Kushi said...

I'm sure glad the city councilors from Pittsfield aren't so childish. My goodness the Hodgkins people are negative.