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Sunday, July 09, 2006


in campaigning, and there are bad days. Yesterday was a GOOD day! Four towns, four events and lots of nice people.

I started the day in Becket, and had the wonderful opportunity to meet Bob's wife Brenda and also watch my campaign manager, Joe Engwer, reconnect with people he hadn't seen in ten years or more. Especially when he saw one of his old teachers, that was AMAZING! Frankly, I could have stayed in Becket all day. Terrific people, great sense of community, and I promised I'd be part of a dunking contest next year if elected. Excellent pancakes from the volunteer firefighters.

Saw one of my opponents in Becket, none in Goshen, two in Adams, none in Florida. Anytime you see another candidate, your first reaction is "where has he/she BEEN and where is he/she GOING?" Everyone has a strategy of the communities where they think they can make an impact. The "primo" opportunity is a place where you know people who can take you around and introduce you. Not only do they have to know a lot of people, they can't be shy!

Now that I have literature, I can hand it out. I am also discovering that "If you've seen one woman, you've seen them all!" My female opponent had just sent out a big mailing and so half the people I met thought I was her. I told them I was cuter. Perhaps not true, but what does one say? Depending on the person you're meeting, you try to distinguish yourself from whoever they're mixing you up with in some gracious way.

And we're already out of BUTTONS! We've ALMOST given away 500....Bob left some under the seats at the Steeplecats game the other night. We gathered up as many as we can find for the fundraiser tonight and the replacements will be in this coming week. I know some people just take them for souvenirs. Other friends are DILIGENT about wearing them to the grocery store, etc. My friend Ellen says that it's always a way to start a conversation.

One trap that a candidate has to avoid falling into is believing that the people you and your supporters speak to represent the universe. People will say "Oh everyone I talk to is for you!" Well,'re wearing a "Ware for State Senate" button and they're for me and so they make a comment. The people who are supporting someone else don't come over!

But there are so many great people out there! And so many stories. At least three people I ran into will (hopefully) be positively affected by the new state health insurance program when it clicks into gear in the fall. Health care and education continue to be the issues that everyone is talking about. Both the fiscal implications and the policies.

Trying to kick back today after a long day yesterday. But not grueling...just energizing and lots of fun. AND IF YOU MISSED THE OLD FASHIONED FUDGE IN GOSHEN, I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU!!!!


Timothy Kushi said...

500 buttons taken is a good thing! The LAST thing people like use, out of normal campaign paraphernalia, are PERSONAL STICKERS AND BUTTONS! If they'll even take a lawn sign, chances are they won't then go further to take a bumpersticker (ruins the car) and almost def. won't go EVEN further and take a lapel button (ruins the outfit). So that 500 have been taken is fantastic!

Naturally, I wear mine any chance I get to wear a decent outfit (in this heat) or its cool enough to wear one of my blazer's.

OF COURSE, I do have two stickers on my car, AND now Caroline has just taken one for her car (look for it on a 1996 sky blue Honda Accord!--that means I only have one more to get rid of).

Hope all is well! I am extremely bored... I think I'll attempt to start and write a load of pro-Ware letters today.

p.s. I'm trying to get into contact with all my old 20suttin politico-friends and activate them for the campaign; losing touch sucks!

Biotic said...

Where do I get a Yard Sign?