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Saturday, March 18, 2006


You may see a change of "voice" in this blog because I'm not a regular person anymore. I'm a candidate.

I'd say "let me be the first to announce my candidacy in the blogosphere" but my friend Bill Densmore scooped me on my own story. He spilled the beans on GreylockNews tonight, having attended a party my husband and his new law partner gave to celebrate their new relationship.

I was sorry to confuse the situation by announcing to the gathered guests that I was running for State Senator, but we have only a few weeks to collect signatures on nomination papers, so one can't be a shrinking violet.

What is this you say? State Senator? Yes, folks, it's true. Our incumbent State Senator, Andrea Nuciforo, announced today that he is not running for re-election. My personal prediction is that the race will attract ten candidates.

It took me thirty seconds to decide.

Unfortunately, that was at 4PM and my husband's party started at 5PM. I called him at 4:45 to let him know his life was about to change. He was very gracious about it....!
I also had to tell my boss I was running and call two friends. So I was late to the party. But candidates are always late, right?

Anyhow, I secured the endorsements of two Republicans and a handful of hometown pals which was very encouraging. Most encouraging was the reaction of my kids, who now live in DC and LA. The primary is a few days after my son's wedding, so we'll have a busy summer.

Politics has been my lifelong passion. It feeds my soul and I have thought a lot about whether I might some day run for higher office. It seemed like a moot point because the higher offices were all held by good friends of mine. ( I should point out that "higher" in this case refers to the fact that I was formerly a Selectman in Williamstown for nine years. ) I enjoyed my time in that role and saw the effects that State decisions had on a small community. I think I have something to contribute from that perspective, as well as from the perspective of a parent, a human services employee, and a concerned citizen.

This will be an interesting race. For the sake of the Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin district, I hope the best person wins.


David said...

Go Marge!

Margeware said...

Well, that's ONE vote....or maybe David doesn't live in the Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin District!

Michael DeChiara said...

can't think of a person who is a better "peoples' candidate"!!!

Wes said...

Marge, if I'm still living here at the primary, you got my vote.

As it stands, you might get a check anyway. (depends on if we buy or rent after the wedding)

Anything else I can do, let me know.


Lynne said...

We need more bloggers in politics. Congrats on your announcement and good luck from Lowell!

Margeware said...

Thanks Lynne! I will definitely see everyone at the Convention and catch you up on what the first two months are like. Every day has been some sort of a roller coaster. But, as usual, it's the people you meet, both electronically and "in real life" that are the motivation to keep going and make a difference. The first "learning" has been that there's a big interest in elder issues out there that apparently has been mostly untapped up until now. Hopefully we'll be able to spotlight that, along with baby boomer, sandwich generation issues and Gen X issues -- many of which have to do with economic security and some of which have to do with health, environment and education.

Sarah Mikulis said...

Margie Ware rocks my socks!

Margie running for office, another reason I wish I still lived out there...I'll bake a cake, I'll hold a sign, whatever it takes.

xo Sarah