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Saturday, December 17, 2005


On a happier note, I got to meet Mayor Tim Murray of Worcester on Thursday a.m. at Bagels, Too in Pittsfield. It was a lovely event hosted by Register of Deeds and Democratic State Committeewoman Mary O'Brien.

Tim Murray is a real person. That's refreshing. He also appeals to both Patrickites and Reillyphiles so that's good too.

I of course used the opportunity to get on my soapbox about the need for more affordable "assisted-type living" for elders.

MargePAC is supporting Tim Murray for LG. Hope you will too!


Dan Bosley said...

Marge, I am meeting with Tim in the near future. I have met him before and he will recieve a lot of support from the mayors around the state. I also met with Deb Goldberg a few weeks ago and was very impressed. Either of them will have a good personality and will connect with people which will be a plus (especially if Reilly is the nominee!).

Margeware said...

Thanks Dan. Frankly, for me Tim is the ONLY possible nominee....and you are right about personality although I am not sure that a great LG personality can make up for a gubernatorial candidate who has to order one online from