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Friday, July 01, 2005

Don't Tread on Me

When I woke up this morning, I had forgotten how shocked I had been at a Letter to the Editor in yesterday's Berkshire Eagle. Only now did I remember, and felt compelled to address a letter to the editor. I don't know whether it will be printed, because they have a "30 day" rule, and I may have written more recently than that. Hope not.

A local Pittsfield resident stated that Democrats hate President Bush more than they love their country. I don't know whether to be angry, sad, disgusted or cynical. I guess I'm all of that or more.

When will this hatefulness end? Are we condemned to live in a century, or a country, where civil discourse is a mere remembrance? I weep.


Anonymous said...

I love this country enough to have served in the Navy 5 years. I love this country enough to question my government when I think they've done something wrong, regardless of political affiliation. We should not hate President Bush, but we should be fearful of his wrong headed policies enough to impeach him. I don't hate anyone, but the people who cause me fear, such as the current administration, I would speak out about them, and tell others why they cause me fear.

The remark in question was thoughtless, and yes, pithy. We democrats can't afford to be so thoughtless. Such thoughtlessness has lost us the high ground, and its well past time that we should reclaim it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Marge, that previous comment is mine.

Be well,


Aldon Hynes said...

There are some who say, "My country, right or wrong." These are not the people that love our country. The people who love our country are the ones who say, "Our country, right it's wrongs." That is the far more challenging proposition.

I hope you had a great fourth.