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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


This is just a note to let you all know that this blog is NOT sponsored by or some other insipid organization. I receive NO FUNDS for the time and effort I put into this magnum opus. In fact, if time is money, I'm donating huge amounts of dough to the cause of truth, justice and the American Way.

As I write this, Himself is "speaking to the nation" about Iraq. Well maybe on the west coast people haven't eaten but talk about upsetting your digestive system! Listening to that nasal twang, those illiterate sentences and then contemplating death, destruction, humiliation and downright stupidity? Not the way I want to end a very tiring day trying to rectify the healthcare system.

The good news though is that my Political Action Committee is "catching on." I arrived at a League of Women Voters "picnic" tonight (where no one was dressed like it was a picnic and they started at 5PM when I was still at work and there was no food left by the time I got there....but I digress....) and one of my friends said "I understand you started a PAC!" Yes, I admitted, I had. Well, she wanted to know, why hadn't SHE been solicited? So I had to describe how I needed to only buy 50 stamps and see how it went so that I didn't use more of the income than was appropriate for expenses! Once I got some contributions I went out on a limb and bought 100 stamps, half of which were for thank you letters! Another woman also wants to make sure she's solicited! So I guess I'm now part of the local buzz!

Keep the faith and let's hope the American people are waking up to what's in front of them. With any luck, the Good Guys will sweep the Congress in 16 months.


Anonymous said...

Considering that the American people are waking up to the fact that Bush was trying to get into a war with Iraq even before 9/11 and a government controlled spin machine took tiny scraps of intelligence and turned them into get Hussien propaganda that the American people swallowed hook line and sinker. I think Mr. Bush is in for a rude awakening of his own. I'm still waiting for a Democratic Congressional committee to investigate the war crime perpettrated by Bush and members of his cabinet on the Iraqi. First they planned a way to go into Iraq even before 9/11. Second they forced the intelligence community to come up with reasons to preemtively attack the Iraqi people. Third they lied to the American people to convince them that a war with Iraq is a good thing. Fourth they are responsible for every American who has lost his or her life in the war with Iraq. I suppose I could on and on, but the point is, his speech was unconvincing, and the American people, I pray, are going to do something about it. Keep writing. Keep the faith. We democrats will rise again. I pray for Iraqgate to begin.


Margeware said...

Thank you, John.

As you can see, I lived through Watergate. On June 23, 1972 NO ONE could have forseen what the eventual outcome would be.

I think it IS about faith, prayer,etc. And it's also true that God only helps those who help themselves. So we've all got to keep writing, keep asking questions, keep putting the proverbial feet to the fire. I go back to my original point about 5% of the population holding an idea. I'm not sure what's going to convince me that we've hit that mark....I guess when I hear a "nonpolicy wonk" talk about the Downing Street Memo at a cocktail party....but let's see if we can see that happen. Then those of us writing in cyberspace can turn up the heat under the kettle and see if anyone blows off any steam!