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Monday, May 16, 2005

Let the Games Begin

Thank you to Nancy Bunting Carey (MHC '71) for suggesting that I start this blog...while I have ALWAYS had opinions, they were usually confined to a cocktail party, a Selectman's meeting or the local twelve-page newspaper.

In a discussion about "women's voices" on the op-ed pages, Nancy urged me to get back out in public and stir some people up. So blame her.

And then she came up with the idea of a blog. First I thought.....who me? Blog? I'm WELL OVER 50. But then I realized she was I have joined the 21st century.

Margie Ware


cookie said...

Great opening - tantalizing protential - sassy, edgy, and exquisite tension between the traditional look/feel of the page and the voice of a woman who - shall we say - is "highly opinionated". What could be better?!!!

Tell me more....!!!!

Tela Zasloff said...

You'd be surprised to learn that a plurality of bloggers on the Web, are ALL over age 50. Well, I just made that up, but that's been my experience as a blogger junky since I started working for Kerry in March 2003.

Margeware said...

Thanks Cookie and Tela....cookie, you may have a screen name but your writing style is well-known to former Eagle readers.

cookie said...

So, yes, gay marriage is legal in MA. But still newsworthy as the debate inside and outside of the state continues on this "controversial issue of public importance". Certainly the state's Gov isn't finished with it yet!

So chalk it up to the paper's enlightened self-interest to rile up the controversy and sell a few more copies of the rag by pouring gasoline on the smoldering coals of fairly evenly split public opinion.